Theo has enhanced his menu of simple, rustic, Italian cuisine with new dishes to sit alongside his classic signature dishes. The new menu is now available following a refresh of the restaurant interiors.

Good food is one of life’s simple pleasures. A cliché but true all the same. Yet all too often going out to eat seems to be about dressing up and showing off – and I’m talking about the stuff going on on the plate and in the kitchen rather than the people who eat it.

I hate formality and pretence. My favourite places to eat in the world are all in Italy – Da Cesare in Alba; L’Oste Scuro and Al Pompiere in Verona. They are brilliant, not simply because they serve delicious food, but because they are fun and relaxed.

My menu is made up of the same simple rustic dishes I enjoy when I go to Italy - unfussy yet utterly delicious, a million miles away from the complicated fancy fare you would normally expect to eat in Park Lane.

When we created the revised menu we were really careful not to take out any of the classic dishes. It is more a case of adding new ones! We have been talking to our guests for the last six months and they were very clear that they already love what we do. The new offering is just an enhanced version of what we’ve been doing with a few more exciting additions.

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Sample Set Menu (Subject to availability)

Wine List

Please speak to a member of our team if you have any specific dietary requirements. 

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“ Smooth service, polished surrounds, a terrific wine list (supported by spot-on suggestions from a clued-up sommelier) and, of course, Theo Randall’s knockout cooking combine to deliver one of the best Italian dining experiences in London ”

Ben McCormack,
Editor, Square Meal